Thursday, November 14, 2013

Prayer for Don Ruben

We'd ask your prayers for Aurora´s father Ruben. He had a heart attack, and was transferred from a hospital in Tuxpan, Veracruz to one in Tampico. Aurora just stopped by the house, her father is still in intensive care. Pray that he is able to gain strength so that he could be transferred to a closer, better hospital.  Ruben reminds me of my late grandfather Warren Aungst, a gentle, humorous man who makes you feel accepted and welcomed in his presence. The picture below is of Ruben walking through his orange groves near Alamo, Veracruz. Please pray for his health, and for wisdom for the family in decisions that to be made regarding his care.

Yesterday and today have been brutally cold here...ok, we're not down to freezing yet, but as Tina mentioned yesterday, "I'd think it was going to snow if I weren't in Mexico City." The temps have been hovering between 45-52°F all day. Check out some additional comments about that from co-workers Jim (Finding Direction) and Tina (in avoidance of the perfunctory).

Quote of the Day: Clyde Kilby said of Lewis, “He liked his ideas to fit the truth as snugly as old slippers fit the feet.” Pride does not care about this fit. Pride wants other things to fit with it. Not the reverse. Humility submits to God’s willed reality and makes the effort to conform its ideas to Truth.
John Piper. Alive to Wonder Celebrating the Influence of C.S. Lewis (Kindle Locations 103-106).


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