Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kid's Club Wrap-Up

I didn't post anything yesterday because we only arrived home around 12:30 last night, after a great night of hot dogs, smores, singing and testimonies around a campfire at Sam and Aurora's house.

Oh, yeah, and the chicken dance. No one escaped having to dance it!

Just had to post a pic of Shawn's high-water jeans. He's been wearing three different sizes while here since his bag never did make it here.

The theme of the week was airplane-oriented. Piñatas were broken that were in the shape of an airplane. At the very end, my brother-in-law brought two remote controlled airplanes to show the kids.

Below, all the teachers who helped out with the club, dressed in their flight attendent uniform!

Check out Tina's blog for more info on this past week. Click HERE.

Today...downtown Mexico City!

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