Monday, August 05, 2013

Day 1 Wolc Team

All ten members of the team arrived on time, but we're still waiting on Shawn's luggage! Everyone else, though, has clothes to wear for the week! We'll trust his bag arrives tomorrow.

Our first order of business...get back to the Fry house and EAT! We really know how to do that here. After a good meal topped off with ice cream and Starbucks coffee and a good team meeting we eventually dropped everyone off with their host families. Marla, my cuz, and her son Jared are staying with us for the week. Great to have them here!

We have an important day with the architect tomorrow, in search of clarity and documentation for some of the permits that we've paid for, but have yet to receive. For reasons I won't go into here, it's extremely important that we have these permits.

I was telling Marla that she's one of the very few people in my life who can understand, at least a little bit, my two worlds, that rarely intersect, and are radically different. I love them both. Sometimes, I really wish I could be waist deep in a cool PA trout stream, and I certainly miss home now and again. I wish I could share coffee with my mom on the back porch more often, and hear the wisdom and wit of my dad.

We are anticipating a great week here! Please be in prayer for it.

Quote of the Day: The subversive kingdom has come near, and the church has sprung up to carry out this kingdom mission. Jesus, “the true light, who gives light to everyone,” has come to this planet (John 1: 9) and has deposited little groupings of disciples on earth to be the “light of the world” (Matt. 5: 14)— his church! But we don’t do it by constructing fancier buildings or outdoing the programs offered by other congregations. We do it by just faithfully living out our callings together as representatives of God’s kingdom.
Stetzer, Ed (2012-03-30). Subversive Kingdom: Living as Agents of Gospel Transformation (p. 192).

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