Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Summer DVBS Poster and Airplane

Every year we have multiple kids clubs. Just a couple of weeks ago we did a sports camp, and had around 50 kids in attendance. But the big week of DVBS nearly always happens in July or August.  In addition to the normal kids club, a light lunch is also served. Last year the summer club averaged about 100 kids, with the record attendance one day being 160!

The them for this year's club is theme, huh? Samuel just created this poster, and we printed out 4 posters in color today at Office Depot, as well as 400 flyers in black and white.

We also plan to actually fly a model airplane! The new hobby that my brother-in-law, Pepe, and I are enjoying is radio controlled airplanes. Truth is, we haven't actually flown any yet, but we're excited about doing that, hopefully during one of the days of the kids club. The picture below is a model airplane with a Cox .049 that we hope to fly! You can check out a blog page about that Enterprise at

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