Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sleep-overs, Nerf Wars and Puzzles

This post is dedicated to our kids and our nephews! They've been engaged in a permanent pajama party lately, with Israel, their cousin and Luz, a neighbor. Their days are spent bouncing on the trampoline and engaging in Nerf gun wars. Oh, and putting together a 1000 piece puzzle. Hey, it's vacation!

Santiago Arizmeni, the smallest cousin here in Mexico, is entered in a Play-Doh contest. I've already mentioned this to many of you. To win an iPod he needs YOUR VOTE!  Click here, then click on "Galería" and look for his name, Santiago Arizmendi. He made a Play-Doh boat, kinda cool. You can vote every day this week. Currently, thanks to your support, HE IS WINNING!  Remember, his name is Santiago Arizmendi. There's another Santiago there that is currently in second place.

The video below is in honor of my kids, who pick the weirdest songs to memorize. Kinda fun video, though.

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