Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Minion Birthday

Here's some pictures of David's birthday party yesterday. The amazing thing is that he actually smiled normally for some of the pictures. Maybe there's hope after all.

The party really didn't end until today. Actually as I write most of his friends are still here. We slept 10 people in the house last night, most of them on the floor. I don't think that's a record...but it may be. At least we were in our own bed, Bill and Bel...ha!

The Minion piñata took a beating. But I guess that's its purpose. Sort of how we as parents felt early this morning as the craziness continued on the first floor!

Tomorrow...Brigam rolls through here for a few hours on his way to Oaxaca and Dave Miller. Rumor has it Joe Martínez is also on the way down.

Important meeting here really soon...

Quote of the Day:Insecurity causes us to grasp for things. When we fear we are losing, we grab whatever we can. Usually, the things we grasp are meaningless in the scheme of things. For the person who serves Christ, there is nothing he or she can lose that is of value. The child of God has already received heaven and all it contains, so what else is there to grab?
Neil Cole. Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (p. 192). 

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