Thursday, July 11, 2013

Football...with Helmets and Such

This past Sunday Daniel played his second official football game, and his team, the Cherokees, dominated the entire time and won 20-0. Or was it 22-0? Towards the end of the game, the officiating became ridiculous. Really. A two-point conversion was negated because of a dubious personal foul, and the penalty was assessed on the kick-off. No second chance.

Daniel didn't play all game, but had a solid performance when he did play, with several killer blocks.

But hey, they won, and in overwhelming fashion. Daniel's age group, the Ponys, has to be one of the best ages to be in. Only kids turning 15 this year can play. They have a weight limit (163 lbs.). The kids are old enough to hit hard, but not old enough to not have fun. As a dad, well, I'm really into this! Mom and siblings (and the dog Teddy) are too!

Daniel...#25 below.

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