Monday, July 15, 2013

Baptisms Sendero de Vida

Lots happening here, but one really special event that we participated in as a church family here this past Sunday was the baptisms of 26 new believers from the two Sendero de Vida Bible Churches here in Ixtapaluca.

We normally go to a public water park to do this, but this year we celebrated the baptisms at Samuel and Aurora's house. Their above ground pool was filled up with cold well water one day before. Brr... 

What a great time! What a special reminder of the Lord's transforming power in the lives of our community!

In other news...hard to believe that the interns are almost done with their time here! We're having a great time with with a trip up to northern Mexico City and a visit to the metro to hear Bryan and his band play and sing.

Thanks Tina and Karin for the pics!

After the pictures is a short video that co-worker Jim Cottrill did of the baptisms...check it out!

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