Friday, June 14, 2013

Post-Conference Interview with Dave Miller

Last night we had a great time celebrating Daniel's 15th birthday with some friends, including Abbie Middleton, a Texas A&M intern, who arrived yesterday. Pictures later.

On the weekend of May 24-25 we had our very first FAMEX-sponsored missions conference, with plenary speaker Tony Vazquez and a number of other workshops and special participations. I've written about this quite a bit in the past, so I won't write about it again. Joe Ramirez, a friend of Dave Miller's, took this video of Dave interviewing me.

Quote of the Day: You see, the verdict is in. And now I perform on the basis of the verdict. Because He loves me and He accepts me, I do not have to do things just to build up my résumé. I do not have to do things to make me look good. I can do things for the joy of doing them. I can help people to help people – not so I can feel better about myself, not so I can fill up the emptiness.
Keller, Timothy The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness (Kindle Locations 344-347).

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