Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Drum Classes and Visitors

Our church is blessed to have a great drummer, Allan, who really lights it on Sunday as part of our worship band. Our son Daniel is also getting pretty good at the drums, and played all 8 songs for our worship set last Sunday.

Both churches here have been blessed with a lot of good musicians. That certainly adds to a Sunday morning experience. Our desire is the constantly develop new musicians. Our latest new recruit, Daniel Alexis, who began guitar classes with me at the community center some time ago, and is now playing Sunday mornings.

In other news, this summer we'll be receiving a total of 7 four to six week interns in Mexico this year, all of which will be spending at least two weeks here in Ixtapaluca. In addition to the interns, we're expecting Melissa for a week who will be involved in a number of medically oriented outreaches, and the Holderman family (all 8 of them!) for a month or so.

And we have some VERY special visitors coming down very soon, my parents! That's the good news! The bad news is that my wife has me painting doors, repairing things, etc...! But we'll leave some things undone for dad to do!

Quote of the Day:  Fish don’t talk, and that may be one of my favorite things about them.
Matt Smay. Transcend: Beyond the Limits of Discipleship   

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