Monday, March 25, 2013

Third Anniversary, Sendero 2

What a great time we had at church yesterday, celebrating the church's 3rd anniversary with a packed house! Among the special moments...20+ women singing a Lilly Goodman song in a rather sponaneous fashion. Well, they rehearsed apparently, but not a whole lot! The song sounded great, though!

Many people gave testimony as to how the Lord has worked in their lives in the last three years. Jim Cottrill preached from Romanos 8:17-39, quite an uplifting passage of scripture. After the spiritual food, we all went to the market area for a potluck. I felt the need to sample nearly every different dish...good stuff!

Tina just posted on the anniversary service on her blog also. Check it out HERE.

Quote of the Day: It is easy to clean the outside of a cup without washing the inside, but it is hard to wash the inside thoroughly and leave the outside dirty. Washing the inside has as its natural accompaniment the cleansing of the outside. Only a spot here or there may be left.
Willard, Dallas The Divine Conspiracy (pp. 143-144).

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