Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Calculus is a Foreign Language in Any Language

Last night after the Bible study on Daniel 9, I took Charles and Samuel out for tacos. I didn't understand much of what they were talking about, and not because I didn't understand Samuel's English or Charles' Spanish. They were talking another language, the language of math.

You know how you feel when two people are passionately talking about something in front of you in another language?  Two Germans at the airport, two Arabs at the local gas station. That's how I felt...pretty much totally clueless. I think they both enjoyed that in a perverse sort of way!

The torture continued for most of the morning today. Charles visited the high school in Neza where Samuel teaches, and got Charles a calculus class for him to teach. I noticed that all the girls moved to the front row...such an eagerness to learn!

Last evening, all five of us played a board game with Charles. Power Grid. Six people actually seated around a table interacting. Charles mentioned that he thought that was pretty special. I didn't really think about it at the time, but you know, I think he may be right. I would tell you who won, but that just wouldn't be very humble of me.

Quote of the Day: What do you call God? The Big Guy in the Sky? The Man Upstairs? Dear eight-pound, six-ounce Baby Jesus? Then you don’t know him. Those titles may be clever or funny, but they certainly aren’t intimate. If you know God, you are likely to be far more specific with him, and the words you use will reflect your accurate understanding of him.
Groeschel, Craig, The Christian Atheist: When You Believe in God But Live as if He Doesn't Exist

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