Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Dinner!

Ok, time to take a break from the rather intense posts of the past several days and talk about something fun! Last night our church leadership organized a special Valentine's couples dinner, complete with music, games and a speaker. What a great time it was!

Oscar and Marta mceed the event, and friend Erik Morga was the speaker.  Erik also helped us with our leadership recognition service last May. Always great to have in on this side of the city!   We had most of our church marriages there as well as several visitors. Enjoy the pictures.

Quote of the Day:Amazing love, how can it be that God, as Dr. Peter Kreeft has said, that God should plunge a knife in his chest for me? Me, cool and indifferent, detached and intellectual. That he, the God of life, should conquer death by embracing it, destroy the power of sin by letting it destroy him—this is what 1 Corinthians 1:25 is all about. This is “the foolishness of God” far wiser than human wisdom, “the weakness of God,” far stronger than human strength. Christ is God’s foolishness. Christ is God’s weakness.
Jni Eareckson Tada, as quoted in Sunday's Best

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