Saturday, February 23, 2013

Father Son Outing at 12,000ft

Just so happens that this year Ismael and I are circuit coordinators this year. Basically we coordinate events for the group of 12 or so churches in the Mexico City área (including the nearby cities of Pachuca, Texcoco and Cuernavaca). This is a, ah, privilege that I have avoided for years, but finally there was no getting around I agreed to help my brother Ismael for this year.

Now, the only advantage to this is that you can, generally speaking, propose activities that you consider worthwhile. This year we have 6 different Saturdays designated as evangelistic days, where those churches desire and are able help one other church do evangelism. Below is another activity that is extremely worthwhile...a father-son day near Paso de Cortez, in a place called La Cascada, or The Waterfall. Rumor has it we actually have to have a meeting...but we'll also be able to hike, fish and play some soccer (at around 12,000 ft. above sea level...gasp!!).

Great having an artista for a friend! Samuel must have found this picture of David and I fishing in Colorado on FB. Below are pictures of where we are actually going...beautiful also!

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