Friday, February 08, 2013

Church Property Update

The church here is totally committed to fundraising during these days, with different sales and events going on almost daily, including a garage sale, car wash, bake sale, roadside restaurant, small store, fantasy jewelry sale and more.  This morning after a well atended prayer meeting, the sale continued in front of a small house we rent for church activities.  Tonight...quesadillas, gorditas and more!  Tomorrow, Marta plans to sell chicken soup, a delicacy called caldo de gallina.

We are so grateful to many of you who are familiar with this ministry and want to support this property project. 

I want to encourage you to give now, if you're thinking about it (or even if you're not!).  We still lack quite a bit of money to finish paying off the plot of land that we are buying.  We have until June 15 to pay it.  Click HERE if you'd like to give online.  For additional info on the project and a graphic illustrating the percentage of need, go to the Cottrill's blog by clicking HERE.

Great post by Tina on adjusting to culture and modifying expectations.  Check it out at her blog HERE.

A worthwhile video on how professionalism in the pastoral role actually limits the effectiveness of a church, and impedes the practice of the priesthood of believers.  Ed Stetzer interview.

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