Sunday, January 06, 2013

Special Adoration Service

This Sunday we enjoyed a special "worship" service, or so we call it, although every Sunday is a worship service. We always celebrate the Lord's supper the first Sunday of every month, and often change the normal format of the service to include more singing, more testimonies and open up the time to anyone in the congregation who would like to share a reading, a Bible text, a skit, a special song...pretty much anything that exalts Jesus' name.

There were many special moments in this morning's service.  One really special moment was hearing Lili's testimony of how the Lord saved both her and her husband over this past year, and rescued their marriage in the process.  No better example of how the gospel transforms lives!  Their son has also become active in our praise band, doing a great job on the bass guitar!

Marta's bold presentation of kids from the Sunday school ministry was something to be admired!  Noemi, who must be all of 8 years old, recited Psalm 23 without hardly taking a breath!  She actually did it twice!  The Sunday school also presented an offering (in curious, purple piggy banks) for our missionary David Gómez, currently serving in Uruguay.

After the service I went with Miguel to load up two more wheelchairs.  His wife, Iris, had met two families in the neighborhood a couple of days before, and noticed that the one boy was using a wheelchair in pretty bad shape.  We had the privilege of giving away wheelchairs #59 and #60, to Jennifer and Ángel.  Their parents were very appreciative!  We invited them to church next week...hope they come!

Quote of the Day: If you’re technology geeks like we are, you’ve probably heard of Moore’s Law.  Named after Gordon Moore (the co-founder of Intel) from a paper posited in the 1960’s, Moore stated that technology doubles every two years. If you consider the implications of that kind of exponential change, it can make your hair stand on end. Yes, it may have taken humanity
Rob Wegner; Jack Macgruder The Spectrum of Involvement: Moving Your People Out on Mission (Kindle Locations 31-33).

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