Thursday, January 17, 2013

Slow Internet, Rapid Life

I have not been updating this blog much lately for one simple reason: our Internet connection is terrible.  Really bad.  I can't upload or download any pictures, and it takes forever to gain access to simple programs...even blogger. 

We have reported it, of course, but customer service here is...well, slow...and if you say things like "if you don't fix this, we're not paying part of this month, " well, they will just laugh at you!  It just so happens that where we live, we have only one option for phone and Internet service.  One. 

So we are trying to grin and bear it!  But in my blogger absence, some amazing things have been happening, including an all-church effort to raise funds for our church property, a continuing study of Romans, and some exciting developments with FAM Mexico, the Mexican missions agency of which I am privileged to be a part.

Right now...a trip to downtown Mexico to see Juan Piza and begin, once again, my visa process for this coming year.  Looks like in the future I'll have to do it less frequently.  We'll see!  Mayra will be buying some more products downtown to sell here and raise money for the church fund.

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