Thursday, January 24, 2013

Las Mañanitas and Taco Ánimo

This evening was week two for our community center activities...4 people for English (down from 16 last week) and 4 people in guitar class (up from 2 last week).  In guitar class we're learning Las Mañanitas, a traditional song sung to people who have birthdays, and also during serenades. 

Our goal for the class is to sing and play serenades for mothers on Mother's Day, which in Mexico is always May 10.  As with every other day in Mexico, the celebration starts the first minute of the day...right after midnight...and we go around waking up mothers.  In spite of getting woken up, the mothers love it.  Or at least they are very convincing in pretending they love it!

Samuel and I went and picked up Mariano and took him out for tacos this noon.  Mariano is the only person who continues on in his faith after nearby flooding prompted a month long outreach into the Valley de Chalco area.  Mariano was greatly encouraged by our time! 

We continue to be encouraged by the response of the church with regards to fund raising.  We continue to see God provide from all the NAFTA partners.  If you´d like to give, now is the time. 

Do you live in a "Bible-minded" city?  Check out this Barna study to find out.  Click here for and infographic of this study.  Something to keep in mind while reading the study..."Bible-minded is a pretty vague term.  Not sure what it might mean.

Speaking of Barna, here's a study on Hispanics in the U.S.  I wonder how Hispanics are asked some of these questions...because it would be very difficult for many to admit that they are in fact not very religious at all.  In my limited experience with Hispanics in the U.S., materialism is their #1 priority.

Check out Ravi Zachariah's latest article What Did Jesus Mean HERE.

Check out recent updates from our co-workers' blogs.  Finding Direction with Jim and Shari Cottrill, and Avoidance of the Perfunctory, with Tina Barham.   They both update their blogs frequently.

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