Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Family Mission Trips

Over the past several two years we've had several families come and visit us here.  One family of four included two kids under 10 years old, another family of four brought two teenagers.  We've had several couples as well.

The concept is really cool.  Expose your whole family to missions.  Live in a house in another country.  Experience what it means to have to go to the store and buy bread.  Walk to church.  Figure out how to light a gas hot water heater.  Become knowledgeable of the best local taco stands.  Become a part of a living, church community in another country.

Not every community lends itself to this idea, but ours certainly does.  Our church planting philosophy here is to establish churches in or very close to the many huge housing developments that have spread over the edges of the Mexico City metro area.  Many church people here can walk to church, or take a bicycle taxi.  Housing is quite affordable.  The compactness of the communities makes the logistics of organizing such an experience possible.  The support and enthusiasm of the local church makes it desirable.  The community spirit here makes it life-changing for everyone.

Interested?  Let me know.

Quote of the Day: This is the professionalization of ambience, and tone, and idiom, and timing, and banter. It is more intuitive and less taught. More style and less technique. More feel and less force. If this can be called professionalism, what does it have in common with the older version? Everything that matters.
Still Not Professionals Ten Pleas for Today’s Pastors, John Piper and others

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