Monday, December 31, 2012

Bargain Prices in Mexico (for some things)

Happy New Year's Eve!

There are aspects of life that are more expensive in Mexico. Anything electronic you're going to pay 15-25% higher cost. Imported car parts...expensive. Most places you have to pay to park, even at Walmart and most other major stores and malls. You have to tip the guy who bags your groceries, the guy who helps you out of a parking lot, and the guy who pumps your gas.  Apples are expensive.

But there are many things that are much less expensive here (like oranges). Most labor-intensive activities are much cheaper. Health care generally is cheaper (although you tend to get what you pay for in that area). I've posted a number of pictures below to illustrate my point.
The muffler guy installed a new muffler and altered the metal braces underneath to accommodate a muffler that wasn't the original muffler for this car...for a total price of $36 (including the muffler).

A six-month football season for the boys cost approximately $270 each.  This included three practices a week.  Most of the (used) equipment was provided.  Prices are much higher in other areas of Mexico, but where we live, well, it's a bargain!

Daniel's MRI at a Mexico City hospital last year cost about $300, plus a $40 doctor visit.  The doctor solicited the lab work, which was done at a nice hospital.  Daniel's face during this time--priceless!

Need a tire patched?  That will set you back about $3

I don't necessarily recommend these health facilities...but the same pharmacy that sells generic medicine provides doctors that will look at you, take your temperature and your blood pressure, and prescribe you medicine!  Cost...less than $3!

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