Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Great White Hunters

My dad and some relatives enjoyed their annual ritual of walking their rifles around the woods this year. What a beautiful site it was, with fresh PA snow. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Wish I could have been there!

Lots of hunting memories. One year one uncle tried to feed the rest of us dog food. The next year, another uncle upped the ante and tried to feed us deer droppings. Guys will eat most anything with no women in the cabin to cook for them! One other year I left the cabin before daylight bundled up like an over-sized troll, ended up getting lost and walking in circles until daybreak. When light finally came, I could just about see the cabin!

Below, two great guys, uncle Donnie and his son, my cousin Chris had already shot a buck in archery season. But you can't miss the cabin experience, even better (much better, I would say) when you don't have to wake up early and freeze your butt off under a tree!

Quote of the Day: To live strongly and creatively in the kingdom of the heavens, we need to have firmly fixed in our minds what our future is to be like. We want to live fully in the kingdom now, and for that purpose our future must make sense to us. It must be something we can now plan or make decisions in terms of, with clarity and joyful anticipation. In this way our future can be incorporated into our life now and our life now can be incorporated into our future.
Willard, Dallas. The Divine Conspiracy (p. 376).

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