Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Appreciation, Donation, Good News!

Next week is full of some amazing events.

Sunday after church we travel to northern Mexico for an annual event, an Appreciation Dinner for all those who serve in various ministries in the 10+ Bible churches in the Mexico City metro area. Always a good time. This year, co-worker Ismael and I have the dubious honor of being circuit coordinators, and are quasi-in-charge of this event, although pastor Erik Morga is doing the lion's share of the organization for the event. Luis Trujillo, recently named new director of the Puebla Bible Seminary, will be speaking.  Somewhere around 30 of us will be going from the two churches here in Ixtapaluca.

I'll be traveling to Puebla again next Wednesday to speak briefly in their chapel service, presenting a short-term opportunity for their students to consider next June.  This is one of the two opps we'll be presenting to the student body in Río Grande Bible Institute in January.  Thanks, Kevin Bult, for giving me a few minutes to promote the program.

On Thursday morning, several of us English speakers will be once again the esteemed International jury for a nearby Jr. Hi. Christmas carol competition!   That's right, a total of 10 different classes will be singing all manner of Christmas songs, in English, as part of their English education.  It's a riot, let me tell you!  Fun, fun!  Pic below from last summer, same sort of event.

Friday evening is our main evangelistic event for this end-of-2012 period.  Among the main program elements, the handing out of 25 more wheelchairs, attendance from two local special needs schools, the closing program for our community center and a special talk by Toño Muñoz.  See Ismael and a very full van loaded down with un-assembled wheelchairs.  We'll be putting them together over the course of this next week, and trying to figure out where to store them in the meantime!

Next Saturday morning, Sendero Santa Bárbara will be doing a special evangelistic women's breakfast.  We have been invited to that...I'll be helping with several Christmas songs at the very beginning of the time, along with others from the praise band at that church.

Some news en español from a nearby plaza, robbery Sunday night.  Haz click HERE.

Quote of the Day: God’s way of moving toward the future is, with gentle persistence in unfailing purpose, to bring about the transformation of the human heart by speaking with human beings and living with and in them. He finds an Abraham, a Moses, a Paul— a you. It is this millennia-long process that Jesus the Son of man brings and will bring to completion. And it is the way of the prophets, who foresaw that the day would come when God’s heart is the human heart: “the law of God would be written in the heart.” That is, when what is right to God’s mind would be done as a simple matter of course, and when we would not be able to understand why anyone would even think of engaging in evil. That is the nature of God’s full reign.
Willard, Dallas  The Divine Conspiracy

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