Friday, November 16, 2012

Anyone Want to Help Put Together Wheelchairs?

A big THANKS to those of you who helped us buy this last batch of wheelchairs.  I saw a similar austere model at a store locally here for $155.  We are giving them away.  Yes, I'm aware I'm repeating myself.  I usually have no idea I do this until people start rolling their eyes.  But most people need to hear things several times to remember anywhere, right?

Below, a picture I stole from Tina, most of our un-assembled wheelchairs. If you'd like to read her blog entry on wheelchairs and other things, click HERE.  If you'd like to come and help Stephen P. and us put them all together before December 7, please let us know.  We'll be happy to pick you up at the airport.  Just when we most need a church team or some willing interns...!  Bill B., you want to come down, don't you?  Well now you have a good reason!

We managed to get all of them in a seatless Chevy Astro and a Dodge Journey.  Barely.  Then the exciting trip back trying to avoid the police.  We were legal...but police love to stop you when you're loaded down and try to say that the stuff is stacked too high, that your vehicle isn't licensed for cargo, etc...etc...  Oh, if you'd only know!  But hey, keeps you fresh, on the edge.  Life is a risk.  That's harder to maintain as you get older and have a family.  But living by faith should never stop, taking risks should never cease.  Keeps your blood circulating!

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Quote of the Day: When the "virus" of education infects us, we are prone to monologue-one person dominating the communication. In dialogue two or more people attempt to clarify not only their own thoughts but to explore and understand the thoughts of the other. This is the basis for entering into authentic
relationship and the possibility of deep learning from each other.
Duane Elmer. Cross-Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike Humility (Kindle Locations 982-984). 

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