Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Amigas del Alma Event

Tomorrow I'll be meeting with the owner of some property near the second church, to investigate the possibility of portioning off a part of the property for a future church building.  We'll see.  Currently the asking price is 1500 pesos per square meter.  A meter is about 9 square feet.  So that's $120 U.S. for 9 sq. feet, or over $13 per square foot.  Pricey, huh!  We'd love to buy 500 square meters...  Just a heads-up that in days ahead I may be soliciting funds!

Check out Daniel's blog HERE. He finally updated it after losing his access information for a while.  I thought only older people forget their passwords?  Guess not!

Below, a graphic that Sam just made promoting a campfire/pajama party for women in the church.  The logo at the top, Amigas del Alma, is the name for the women's ministry at the church.  The name has a sort of double means, literally, friends of the soul, and figuratively (normal meaning), good friends or best friends.

Check out Tina's blog to find out how to give a special Christmas gift to the ministry here through the Christmas gift emphasis.  Click HERE.

Quote of the Day: Jesus uses all the basic biblical metaphors for idolatry and applies them to greed and money. According to the Bible, idolaters do three things with their idols. They love them, trust them, and obey them.45 “Lovers of money” are those who find themselves daydreaming and fantasizing about new ways to make money, new possessions to buy, and looking with jealousy on those who have more than they do. “Trusters of money” feel they have control of their lives and are safe and secure because of their wealth.
Keller, Timothy. Counterfeit Gods: The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power, and the Only Hope that Matters (pp. 56-57).

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