Tuesday, October 30, 2012

12,100 ft. Above Sea Level

We enjoyed a good T2 team talk with Phil O'Day and Bob Buhler (who is not related to Farris) yesterday, then cruised up almost 5000 ft. from the 7200 ft. elevation of Mexico City to the lodge house at the summit of the road between Amecameca and Cholula, Paso de Cortez.  The summit is 3700 meters, or over 12,100 ft.  Although we went up late in the day, a bit of patience revealed most of both Popo and Ixtla, which soar to nearly 18,000 ft.  Both have a lot of snow on them these days.  We finished off the day eating suadero and al pastor tacos, the later of which turn your urine orange the next day, but that might be a bit too much information!

I am tired!  What's going on with me!  Yes, it was a long week last week, and yes, I had to come back and preach on Sunday, but this is ridiculous!

The pics below are from our time at Corban University.  Daniel was the only one with a camera, so I was sort of at his mercy for photos, but we did get some.  In the first picture...friend and ex-missionary and ex-Ranger Charlie Estañol, showing us a great, wet time on the Oregon beach.  Charlie and his wife Jennifer have three very cute boys...5,3 and 1 year old.  Oh, yes, they are busy!

Wish I would have taken at least one with Paul Johnson, who was so gracious in putting us up in Farrar Hall last week, the crazy guys dorm with the video in a previous post.

The last photo was taken by Daniel out the window of our plane, flying over Aspen, Colorado.

Quote of the Day: We tend to think that people are either leaders or followers, one or the other. This sort of polarized thinking can get us into deep problems. The reality is that a good leader begins by being a good follower. Before you can exert authority in a healthy manner, you must first respect it yourself. An un-submissive leader is a dangerous leader.
Neil Cole. Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (p. 177).

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