Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Subversive Kingdom

Last night we went as a family to visit Iris and Miguel, and their four kids.  They have moved (temporarily, we hope) back to Iris's mother´s house.  We miss seeing them every couple of days!  They said they'll be there on Sunday...and we're going to hold them to that promise!  There's a picture Cathy and some of their kids below.

I purchased the book in the video below, Subversive Kingdom, a couple of days ago.  Just a click away.  To be honest I was hoping for something a bit better.  Stetzer is an awesome researcher, and he has a great theme here, but the book falls a bit flat, in my humble opinion.

Co-worker Tina posted this link in her blog yesterday.  Check it out!  Certainly revealing.  Do you really want to keep up with the Jones?

Quote of the Day:  His was an invasion of hope not housed in geopolitical territories but within the human heart, a jurisdiction more infested with hostile enemies than even the Roman-occupied land of Israel. His kingdom wouldn't be marked by armies, generals, and a big palace in Jerusalem. It would be an unexpected demonstration of spiritual power.
Stetzer, Ed.  Subversive Kingdom: Living as Agents of Gospel Transformation (pp. 15-16).

Ed Stetzer, Subversive Kingdom, Brief promo video below

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