Saturday, September 01, 2012

S´mores and Culture

I must confess when Susan Miller, Tony's wife, gave us a mini indoor S´more make complete with Sterno cans, just as we were trying to squeeze all our stuff in a pretty small vehicle, I was less than enthusiastic!  Sorry Sue!  But alas, it all paid all last night, as our daughter had a pajama party, and guess what was a big hit?  Yes, indoor s'mores!  Coordinator Marta mentioned this morning that those little chocolate and marshmallow sandwiches are energy bombs...the girls (and our dog Teddy) were up to after 2 a.m. this morning!

We have been enjoying visits with leadership in both the first and second churches.  These continue to be challenging days.  About a week after we left for the U.S., several men robbed Martin right in front of his house, driving away their 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer.  Martin was unharmed, but Laura was impacted as she watched everything from the window of their house.  Crime has become more of a factor of late.  Martin and  Laura live less than half a mile from where Mayra was also held up at gunpoint, on the other side of the neighborhood where we live.  We covet your prayers.

Tania, Miguel's wife, was able to get a hysterectomy after several years of suffering with chronic hemorrhaging; she is doing well now.  Miguel (over tacos) shared the joys and struggles of the ministry and his job at the bed factory where he works.

Samuel and Aurora came back about two weeks before we did...Samuel preaches tomorrow.  We have tried to make up for lost time, supporting the local economy at several local taco stands!

My daughter told me today that I am outgoing and friendly here than I am in the U.S.  Hmm...didn't notice that!  Sorry if I wasn't cheery enough to all of you north of the border!  The culture here does lend itself towards being more outgoing.  You have to greet everyone when you see them, have to say goodbye when you leave.  If you don''s rude.  Here, everyone seeks to do everything together.  The overarching value is doing things together.  In the U.S., the overarching value (many times) is efficiency, in getting things done.

Quote of the Day: most important step in entering a new culture is to build trust. Only when people trust us will they listen to what we have to say." Marvin K. Mayers

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