Sunday, September 09, 2012

Mayra's Birthday and Ricardo's Birthday

Yesterday Mayra turned ____, I guess the answer to that is 29.  We as a family tried our best to celebrate our dear wife and mother.  It's hard here to not invite everybody...but we limited it to leadership couples/families yesterday and had a nice time here at the house.

Later on last evening, Ricardo trusted Christ.  Our men's meeting met in his home, a man who has been coming to church of late, but hadn't, up until last night at least, trusted Christ.  It was a special time as Samuel explained the gospel very clearly.

I'm going to begin posting short videos on this blog of good segments of talks, sermons and interviews.  Below is the first.

Oh, and today begins football season!

Click HERE for a fun link on church signs.

Gospel Motivations, Neil Cole

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