Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trip Update and Prayer Request

The Fry family made it across the border around 3 p.m. Tuesday (after spending almost an hour on the international bridge), and drove along the Texas/Mexico border northwest and spent the night in Del Rio, TX.  We arrived during a rainstorm, apparently a very appreciated one, since this region, as most of the southwest, is going through a drought.  

Our second day, yesterday, we traveled from Del Rio the whole way up to a beautiful town called Ruidoso, New Mexico, eating lunch in Roswell on the way (think UFOs).  

Our hearts were grieved this morning to read about an incident that happened to our Mexican co-workers, Martín and Laura Mendez.  You may recall that Martin fell from the top of his house after being electrocuted, and was mercifully protected by the Lord.  He has since made a full recovery.  

Apparently at around 11 p.m. Tuesday evening, three or four armed men robbed one of their vehicles at gunpoint as Martin was putting the car in the garage for the night.  They also took their documents, Martin´s cell phone, and threatened to shot him. 

So...please pray for this family!  They are very dear to us.

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