Saturday, July 28, 2012

Peace, Friends and Sand

A Pennsylvania diner, corner booth with coffee, is a mental image that I have of peace, and I ate breakfast at one this morning, with my dad and some uncles and cousins.  Bill Beenenga and a group from Wolc came in a bit later.  Both groups talking about what God was doing, in their own way.

My other popular mental image of perfect peace is being out in the middle of a trout stream, and that also became reality for me in Colorado, as well as some pond fishing with David.  This has truly been a phenomenal couple weeks.

Now, a bit of time to settle down and reflect a bit, after driving through another two states, this time Delaware and New Jersey.  We arrived on the far eastern edge of the U.S. today, after covering A LOT of distance, jumping from friend to friend all over the Midwest.  Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and finally Michigan.  I wanted to visit my cousin Ryan in Iowa and Lance in Ohio, but we just ran out of time.  What a wonderful experience!  What a joy!

Mayra and I had a great time this past Thursday with the folks of Woodside Bible Church, White Lake campus, touching base with people who have faithfully prayed and given to us since way back in 1990, when  I was raising support as a single gent.  Later on that day, we met with the executive council of Woodside--Troy, and dreamed together what God might do in Ixtapaluca in the future.  Exciting times ahead!

But for now, I'll try to keep sand out of my Kindle and the sun from burning me into a crispy critter.  And drink my sister's extra-strong coffee.

Samuel, Aurora and Melanie are with Denny Mohr up at his cabin in Potter County, PA.  We're looking forward to seeing them, and thanking Sam in person for the Fraystones graphic that he made.  Funny stuff.

Oh, and take a look at our new mission website, Camino Global.  Look at the video section and you may see one or two you recognize.

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