Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Kids Club and (surprise) International Visitors

Yesterday was our second day of kids club, once again rain-less, and it was a fantastic time, with over 50 kids, 18 young people and around 15 adults. Many of our visitors I have not seen at any of our previous events. My only responsibility, besides praying for the event, was taking some of the ladies from the church down to a nearby store and buying the snack for 100+ people. Last night, pan dulce, or sweet bread, and cafe con leche.

Little did I know that after 10 p.m. last night, life would get a bit more interesting!

Sofía, who studies at Río Grande Bible Institute in Edinburg, Texas, asked me to pick up a friend of hers who was going to be arriving from Monterrey around 10:45 p.m. last night. Could we pick him up, give him a place to sleep, and take him back to the airport today for his 7:45 flight to San José, Costa Rica, then a connecting flight to Managua, Nicaragua. "Ok," I said, not particularly relishing a late night and very early run to the airport, but, well, sure. 

Sofía, Myhiah, son David and I went to the airport last night to pick him up. The girls went in to look for the guy, while I drove in circles so as not to pay for parking. Sofía took a little bit of time before coming out, so I called her. "What's up?" I asked (in Spanish).

"Well, I have a surprise for you." Now, please understand that I really enjoy evaluating challenging circumstances and finding a way to make things happen. But this happening was a bit over the top. Turns out we were not picking up one friend...but rather 5! Three guys (from Peru, Chile and Mexico) and two girls (from Nicaragua and Texas), all on their way to Nicaragua, all needing lodging for the night.

What to do?  We put all of their luggage and three of them in our smallish Dodge Journey, and Sofía took the rest to our house in an airport taxi.  The three boys founds beds on our fold-out sofa, and on Daniel's bed (Jordan, our resident intern, was fortunately sleeping at Bryan's for the night).  I took Sofía, Myhiah, and the two girls to where Sofía and Elisa are staying.  They put down foam mats that we use for our Sunday school and slept on them.

At 4:45, the boys loaded up their luggage in our Astro van, and we picked up the girls at 5 a.m.  Sofía and I returned to Ixtapaluca around 7...and I went back to bed.  Getting too old for this!  Still enjoy it, though!

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