Sunday, June 17, 2012

Worship, Rain and Music!

I was up pretty late Saturday night trying to figure out exactly how we would do a bilingual worship service this Sunday morning. Creating the Powerpoint was one thing. Remembering the order would be another. All in all we sang four songs that are known in both languages...One Way (Hillsong), How Great is Our God, Mighty to Save and Beautiful One. What a fun time of worship it was.  Wild, having more musicians than we could possibly use.  Three different drummers shared the drum set this morning, two gals, Anna and Elisa shared the keyboard, Isaac and Bryan on the electric guitars, Robby on bass, Josh played my guitar and I just sang!  Usually don't get to do that!

After church and shortly after our potluck, it started to rain. Apparently hurricane Carlota had something to do with that. I checked Mexico City weather...80% chance of rain through 8 p.m. tonight. Sure enough, it rained, torrential at times. Would the praise fest happen? I was doubtful. But around 6 the rain subsided enough, and the show went on. The Fry family didn't go, partly because we weren't sure it was going to happen, and partly because we were exhausted! But apparently it was an amazing time. Josh Bennett mentioned something like 7 encores! ¡OTRO! ¡OTRO!

Below, a picture of the concern (thanks Jill!) and a short clip of our greeting time this morning.  If you really wanted to greet someone on the other side of the room, well, good luck with that!

You can check out co-worker Tina Barham's blog for more pictures and stories of these last couple days by clicking HERE.

Quote of the Day: Today, every contact I have with another person becomes either a sacred or profane moment depending on how I see it and handle it. To accept and affirm the dignity of the other will nurture the image of God in them. To devalue that person or fail to show respect will contribute to a further distortion of the image of God in them.
Duane Elmer. Cross-Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike Humility


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