Friday, June 15, 2012

A Simply Incredible Evening

Our desire as a church is to reach out to our community in any way possible, to share the Good News through good works.

I have written in the past couple of days about an opportunity that Tina made us aware of...the possibility of acquiring economic wheelchairs from an organization called Operation Blessing, that has a warehouse about 30 minutes from where we live.  We initially picked up 10 chairs, then 15 more yesterday.  Most of them came unassembled, and a crew of eager boys from Leroy Chapel has done an amazing job of putting together almost all of the 25.  

Yesterday we donated our first chair, to a guy that I pass fairly frequently in a tunnel that goes under the highway close to where we live.  We handed out an additional 19 this evening, in a very special event that included an Open Air Campaigner gospel presentation given by Sofía, and a break dancing exhibition complete with testimony given by Colin Roth, who interned with Camino Global in Honduras in 2010.

Perhaps the most moving moments of the evening came from the expressions of appreciation and tears that the gift of a wheelchair caused in many of the recipients.  And especially the story of Sasha, a five year old girl who had her birthday today.  She was born with severe respiratory problems, and was in a coma on respiratory devices for one month.  Her parents finally decided to take her off the machine, and to the doctors' and their surprise, Sasha lived.  

Mayra and I had the opportunity to take Miriam and her three daughters home after the event.  Mayra especially could relate to Miriam, as Mayra's sister has also been confined to a wheelchair from and early age.  We listed to Miriam as she poured at her heart to us.  Although she said she has a commitment this Sunday, she accepted our invitation to come to church the Sunday after that.

I cannot remember when I felt as blessed by God as I did tonight.  Here are some video clips.

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