Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pics from Last Weekend

I'm sure there will be a lot of pictures of this past weekend when the Ohio team returns, and they are finally able to upload pictures (their intolerant leader put them on a mandatory techno fast...ha ha ha...not really true).

You can get an idea from these pictures (thanks Tina!) that it was a really special evening.  Some of the recipients of the chairs could barely talk because of the emotion of receiving a chair.

Good news!  Just heard that we received an additional $300 towards the purchase of more chairs!  I'll be soliciting another 15 and picking them up...sometime soon.  We have another wheelchair distribution day next Friday, June 30.

We are enjoying various goodies that different people sent down...some good 'ol fashion pretzels from Bill and Cari Beenenga, a boxes of Cheez-its, Starbucks and chocolate covered pretzels from the OH team (plus some Mt. Dew, which we have hidden!), plus some other candies.  Hmm...

Quote of the Day: When he tells the disciples to pray for workers, where do you think they were expecting these leaders to come from? Seminary or Bible colleges? Of course not. Other churches? None existed. The passage is about farming leaders, not robbing other ministries of them. No, there is no other solution than that the leaders for the harvest must come from the harvest itself. We must farm our leaders, not recruit them. The new disciples are the new workers, and the seed of the next generation is found in the fruit of the current one. This is farming, and it is the way God created the world to work. Farming, or harvesting, leaders is a long-term solution.
Neil Cole. Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (p. 137).

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