Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Hard Hit!

If you take the seats out of our 2003 Astro you can fit the world inside, and if that van could talk, oh the stories it could tell! Today Mayra and I went for the third time to Operation Blessing's warehouse in Los Reyes, about a 25 minute drive for us, and filled up the van (again) with 12 un-assembled wheelchairs.  We will be distributing another 15 chairs this Friday. Picture of the warehouse below.

Then, some of the furniture that we had borrowed for the last better part of a year needed taken back to the owner. So after unloading the wheelchairs, we loaded up a kitchen cupboard, a double bed and mattress and headboard in the van. We still need to take back a bunk bed and a bureau.  So...two of our interns in Puebla will return to find themselves sleeping on a different bunk bed, and no place to store their clothing.  But hey, its a missions trip, right?

News!  Matt and Alyssa Miller welcomed their first child into the world...still don't know his or her name, but I'm sure they'll let us know soon!  Congrats!

Samuel, Aurora and Melanie have their tickets for PA for this summer!  Samuel will be doing some artwork for Word of Life Chapel.

Our friends Jeff, Jessie and Austin Allem, members of the band Three Shades of Blue, are invited to the Creation festival this year.  Congrats, guys!

Also...check out co-worker Jim Cottrill's video of this past Sunday.  Click HERE.

Football season is winding down for our boys, but they have had a great first year, and are eager to continue next year.  Below, a picture of Daniel, with the blue helmet to the right, and blue cleats, #67, doing some damage.

Quote of the Day: We are too enamored with spiritual gifts and not serious enough about the fruit of the Spirit. In the New Testament wherever there are lists of spiritual gifts, you will find that love is accentuated as the most important thing. It is "a still more excellent way" (1 Cor. 12:31). We should look for fruit more than for ministry gifts in our leaders' lives.
Neil Cole. Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (p. 214).

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