Monday, June 04, 2012

Great Group! Activities Begin

Today began our daily internship schedule, and although there is no "normal" week, for the next three weeks the schedule is basically the same--devos, book study and Spanish classes in the morning, mid-day meal in a different house every day, and English and music classes from 3-7 p.m.  Our devotional time and book study this morning was really edifying.

Jacklyn Punt arrived here on Saturday!  Great to have her back.  She survived her first day teaching math to Daniel.  I think she just might be able to handle him!  Of course, you always pay more attention to your studies if you're 13 and have a pretty teacher!

Jessica and her kids Amanda and Joe left for home today...somehow I missed saying goodbye to them after dropping them off (and finding Myhiah).  It was great to have them here!

Check out Tina's blog HERE for some updates of the past couple of days.  The group painted speed bumps Saturday morning, something I'm sure none of them had done before!

Here are some more pictures from last weekend (borrowed from others FB!)

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