Thursday, May 31, 2012

Orientation Downtown

Our 2012 Internship orientation near downtown Mexico City began yesterday, with everyone arriving safe and sound. It was an exceptionally clear day yesterday, so we went to the top of the Latin American Tower, to the lookout on floor 44.  Then, after a walk to the zocalo we returned to the hotel, then later ate tacos and had our first orientation time. I ordered tripe and tongue tacos, of course, along with the normal beef and pork tacos.

 Today, after a neat time of worship and time in the Word looking at Jesus' example in Luke 18 and 19, we were off on the subway to see the Basilica of Guadalupe. There is no better way to really understand what Roman Catholicism is in Mexico, and how much Mary is really the center of worship here, than to take a tour around that religious site.

 Then, back on the Metro (a bit fuller than in the morning!) to eat, a Chinese buffet.

 Here's a few pictures. More to come.

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