Friday, May 25, 2012

Car Repairs and a Men's Retreat

Yesterday while taking 9 boys (our two included) to football practice in the van, we went over a speed bump (boy, are there a lot of them!) and heard something break underneath the van.  Never a good sound.  We had one more clickity-clack.

The thing is, I'm about to leave on a 3 hour trip with several big guys, on the way to a men's retreat.  I took the van initially to a suspension and brake place.  The jacked up the van on a nice hydraulic lift and proceeded to find one section of leaf of the van's springs on the driver's side was broken.   Ok.  How much would that be to fix?

Well, they tried to call an expert to come and check it, but he wasn't answering their phone calls.   But their estimate was about $140 for parts and labor.  Not sure how that would compare to the U.S.  But they couldn't fix it today.  Not enough time.  I asked them to lower the van, that I'd perhaps come back next week.

But that still wouldn't get the van fixed for today, and the long trip with a bunch of guys in the car, the last two miles being harsh, dirt roads with a lot of ditches and potholes.  So I did what I like to do in Mexico...improvise!  I started asking around, and found a guy just a bit off the beaten path.  He looked at my problem and quoted me a price...a whopping $45 for parts and labor.  How long do you need, I asked him.  Oh, about an hour and a half.  Mayra and I returned after two hours, and there was the van, ready to go.

In other news...we accomplished a big step for the final release of our other van today, obtaining a paper that states that the vehicle theft report is officially canceled.  Now, all that has to be done is to present the document in Toluca (!), the state capital, and we're ready to roll.  The man in charge of the MP said he would do this for us.  Should be ready to drive, we hope, on Monday.  Just in time for our wave of visitors. We'll still need to get new electronic keys, however, before we use it a whole lot.

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