Friday, April 20, 2012

With the Pierces in OH

I arrived in Pittsburg last night and met my dear parents at the airport. Turns out my bag took a bit longer to get there, so we enjoyed a free lunch while we waited. Finally it came, and we began our trip to NE Ohio. We finally arrived at the Pierces' house at around 10 p.m. My parents stayed in a nearby hotel, and met my cousin Lance for breakfast today.

 I accompanied Jeff for a lunch awards service at a local community organization near downtown Painesville, and renewed friendship with Dick Bennett. We met the Bennetts years ago at LCC. The rest of the day was spent stopping by the church, buying football equipment (gloves and a couple of balls) and renewing more friendships. Kip and Stephanie Green stopped in this evening. Oh, and the lasagna was great! 

Finally, Jeff and I are finishing out the night watching the Flyers and the Penguins play hockey. Tomorrow I'll meet with the 11 kids or so that will be visiting us in Mexico in June. Looking forward to that!

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Anonymous said...

I want to know if you were rooting for the pens or the flyers to win???