Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not a Novelty Anymore...

It's now been over 24 hours since we had running water.  At least during the morning hours we could still fill a bucket of water (slowly) from our outside spigot, but now even that has dried up.  We have no idea why we don't have water, but it is a reminder of how dependent we are on water.

Of course initially not having water is sort of a novelty.  It makes a good story.  But after a while, it's downright nasty, not very hygienic, and people don't want to sit next to you or talk to you very long!  Good thing our co-workers, the Cottrills, don't have water either.  We'll be together all day on Friday.  I guess misery loves company!

Football practice again after Easter break...below, David and cousin Israel.

Quote of the Day:  It's no longer true that the total number of churches is declining.
An important shift happened in recent years.  After decades of net decline, more U.S. churches are being started each year (approximately 4000) than are being closed each year (approximately 3500).
Viral Churches, Introduction, Stetzer and Bird

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