Monday, April 30, 2012

Kid's Day

There's much more I could write about last week, but you'll just have to download the book when it comes out for the whole story!  Suffice it to say that we still can't drive the van, and won't be able to for probably another three weeks.  I could explain, but it is wearisome to do so.  Let's just say that life is not as convenient as it could be.

A couple additional highlights of last week.

A women's study that started with 36 people in attendance the first week jumped to 52 women (and one very brave husband) last week.  Mayra moved the study from the small house we rent to the bigger party hall that we rent on Sundays.  Good thing, too, because there's no way 53 people would have fit in the downstairs area of a two-bedroom house.  The two pictures below (at the bottom) are from the first week. The study explores the challenges of being a woman in today's society, as well as depression.

We confirmed participation for our second Latin intern.  Sofía and Elisa will both be living and ministering with us for 8 weeks this summer.  Both are students at Río Grande Bible Institute, in Edinburg, Texas.  Sofía is a member of Harvest Bible Church, Mexico City/Iglesia Bíblica La Cosecha, where our good friends Toño and Becky Muñoz serve.  We have never incorporated English and Spanish speaking interns into our summer program before, so this will be something new for us.  But we are excited about what could be an exciting new mobilization outreach to Spanish-speaking students.

Yesterday our church celebrated Kid's Day here in Mexico one day early.  Extra special was a graduation ceremony for those kids leaving "Sunday School" to go officially into youth group.  One of those kids was our daughter Cathy!  She participated in a special ceremony, and mom and dad had the opportunity to be involved too.  Fun day!

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