Sunday, April 01, 2012

Closing Program, Easter Egg Hunt, Awesome Worship

Friday evening marked the end of another 12-week community center course, with a closing program featuring a summary of what was taught and (hopefully) learned over the last several months.  Once again we met the parents of new students who have taken advantage of the various classes offered free of charge, including baking class, English, guitar, dance and basketball.

Tina says that I often react rather hesitantly to her and Tiffany's ideas, but they always are a success.  Now, I actually don't remember being negative about an Easter Egg Hunt in Mexico, but I guess my first thought almost always is, "How will this be understood culturally?"

But when you "hide" over 800 plastic eggs over the area in front of our community center, paint other hard-boiled eggs, make cookies and give it all away, hey, it makes for a great day!

The goal for all of our activities is to draw in the one or two or three families that have never been to an event before.  Events like this are for that initial contact, where trust is established and people realize that Christians aren't as weird as they thought.

My wife Mayra led two people in prayers to trust Christ.  New birth.  Easter.  The gospel.

It's great to be part of a team, knowing that you can count on your teammates to do a great job!  Thanks again, Tina and Tiffany!

Samuel led a special worship service today, a time when we fill up our Sunday with songs, testimonies, prayers and special music. We sang several bi-lingual songs, including Now is the Time to Worship, Beautiful One, How Great is Our God, singing parts of the song in English to involved our visitors from Canada a bit in the worship time.

Tomorrow a week full of kids clubs and English classes begin.  We would appreciate your prayers!

Quote of the Day:

A description for making friends, throwing parties, telling stories, and giving gifts makes the work seem entirely possible for regular folk--even fun. Telling people to start churches (with all that this implies in our current world's experience) sounds awful to most people. Instead, make it simple and concrete and powerful. Connect God's infinite complexity and power to simple and ordinary people who are capable of doing something easy and normal. Let God be the complex part that gets all the glory, and let us be the simple part that doesn't deserve any credit because we're doing nothing beyond the norm.  Neil Cole, church3.0.

p.s.  All photos are stolen from others unless otherwise noted!

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