Monday, March 12, 2012

Frantic, Outrageously Fun Spring/Summer!

We are excited about the coming months! The highlights for the church... 2nd Anniversary March 25, Leadership Recognition May 6. But that's not all that's happening, for sure!

 I've been getting to know Matt and Laura Steele via email, and they seem like a great couple. They'll be visiting the beginning of May, actually coming down one day after 6 people from our home church will be flying down for the weekend, supporting the church and being her for the leadership recognition Sunday. 

Our internship period begins the very end of May, with 2 6-week interns confirmed, and the possibility of up to four more confirming in the days ahead. Jessica Nixon may be down for our internship orientation time, bringing her kids, which would be fun. I'm hoping that someone knows how to play Settlers of Catan. I can teach everyone, of course, but the learning curve is such that I'm not sure I'd have any competition by the end of the summer.

 Our great friend Jacklyn Punt (pic below w/boys) comes back for an extended visit in June also, and we just confirmed a team from Leroy Community Chapel for mid-June.

 Future co-workers Julian and Malu Grymaloski are currently raising support to join the team here. Should we be concerned that they have malo in the middle of their last name? Check out their (brand new) blog HERE. The Grymaloskis, Joe Briones (a.k.a. Joe Martinez) and Jessica Nixon are all in the process of trying to get here. Jessica's website is Jessie's Journal.

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