Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wired for Sound

Co-worker Jim Cottrill made up a video of our missionary team voting Rolland and Jo Ann Smith off our team.  It's hilarious.  Check it out here http://tinyurl.com/survivormx

The wedding was great last weekend, except for one aggravating detail.  The church's video projector was lost, we presume stolen by someone present at the wedding.  Ouch.  Sergio and Eli came to our house yesterday and told us that they will buy us a new one, but it's going to take a while, as they are quite expensive.

I got a kick out of how we got electricity for the instruments, sound system, lights, etc....  The rent of the facility for the wedding came with a catch...Sergio and family had to run a wire from the house/tent to the street (probably a good 100 yards), and connect the wire to the live electrical cables on the street.  Does this seem dangerous to you?  YES.  You can see the green 10-12 gauge wire below.  A yellow cord held it out of the way on the first picture, then it went right up over where our van was parked.

Turns out later on in the evening, after we had left and the party really got going, this wire didn't cut it, and they had to rig up a thicker cable.  Elizabeth lamented yesterday that they didn't even have a ladder.  They finally got the thicker wire connected around 9 p.m. (in the dark).

p.s.  I'm not making this up.

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