Monday, January 30, 2012

Dallas, Day 3, Trip Part 2

After braving three hours of rain Tuesday evening, we arrived in Dallas and found our apartment at CAM Center.  Wednesday morning started off bright and early, with a weekly prayer meeting at 8 a.m. at the conference room at CAM.  It was great to see many friends there.  I was asked to give an update from the ministry here, which was well received.  The main reason for heading to Dallas was to touch base with many friends at CAM Center, as well as meet with Joe and Jessica.

After the prayer meeting I drove the van to an inspection station.  It was still raining, with water standing on many of the side streets.  As Daniel aptly pointed out, in Mexico the streets would be impassable.  There, dry culverts had turned into raging streams, but the streets were all passable.  It had rained 4.5 inches overnight.  I cruised the whole way down to the service station, only to get there and realize I left my proof of insurance in a briefcase at CAM.  No problem, I thought, I'll just find an Internet Cafe and print out the card.  I searched in vain for 15 minutes, even went into a grocery store and asked a nice lady in Spanish where I might be able to find a computer with Internet connection.  Maybe the library she told me.  I ended up driving the couple miles back to CAM Center.  Van inspection lasted all of 15 minutes.  One more thing done.

Wednesday was really the only day we weren't driving most of the day.  After a meeting with Phil (that I walked into) about logos and re-branding, and a pow-wow with Keegan, I found Joe Martinez waiting to go to lunch.  Keegan had recommended BJ´s, but Joe wanted to take us to the Cheesecake Factory, next to a really affluent mall...I forget the name.  After a decadent lunch, we pulled up to the mall.  Daniel excitedly said, "Hey, there's a Ferrari!"  Now, sometimes any cool sports car becomes a Ferrari, so I was skeptical, but sure enough, outside the mall entrance was a cherry red Ferrari.  Daniel mentioned something to the effect that it was good we didn't drive our 2003 Astro van to the would have been embarrassing!  But, alas, it's all gonna burn.

While at the mall, I checked my email (free WiFi, what a luxury!) and saw that Jessica Nixon was able to stop by for a chat and update.  After arriving again at CAM Center, we met Jessica and had a great talk.  She has some good ideas for raising support, and seems encouraged in the process.

While at the mall I asked Joe if the Mavericks were playing that evening.  Turns out they were.  Also just so happened that Joe already was going to the game.  So after a quick search on the Internet, I bought two $28 tickets for Daniel and me, and our evening was planned. The game started with a rings ceremony, giving rings to the 2011 Dallas Mavs that won the championship last year.  Although the Mavs lost the game, it was a great boys night out.

After the game, a late meal at, you guessed it, Taco Bell, and a quick trip to Walmart for the essentials...a candy thermometer, cup cake inserts, a box of Cheez-its, a jar of Marshmallow Cream, some packets of Tex-Mex seasoning (believe it or not), and other goodies.

Next post...our trip back to Mexico.

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