Monday, November 14, 2011

Service, Wedding, Support

Yesterday was a special day at church. José preached on Mark 14:1-11, a passage about a woman anointing Jesus’ feet. In the house of a man who had been healed of leprosy; given a second shot at life. A woman, breaking very expensive nard in preparation for Jesus’ burial. Giving her most precious treasure, in a worship act of extravagant “waste.”

The passage lent itself to worship, worship songs leading up to the sermon. Tal como soy. “ Just as I am, with nothing to offer, just my song, nothing to give You, everything is already yours. Just as I am, nothing to offer you, just my heart, I surrender everything to you, take me Lord, just as I am. Accept me as a love offering, as a pleasing sacrifice to You, pleasing perfume I want to be, Lord.”

Although we didn’t count…I do know that we had 28 kids in Sunday school class, around 18 young people, plus at least 35 adults. That’s gotta be close to a record attendance. The Prusia family joined us for the service, and joined the after-church party at Tina's, along with the other 20 or so of us.

Our church has its first wedding this Friday. Rafael and Mariana have decided to obey the Lord and get married this Friday. To be honest, I just assumed they were married…ever since they entered into our fellowship about 8 months ago, they have been living as a couple, and have two small girls. Always great to see people choose to do what the Spirit convicted and convinced them to do. The civil wedding happens at a JP in Ixtapaluca, the church wedding and reception will take place at Sam and Aurora’s house. Simple and beautiful.

Below, a picture of Romina, Rafael and Mariana’s youngest daughter.

For those of you who are interested in supporting David Gómez in his 2-year commitment to the country of Uruguay, David now has all of his outgoing expenses raised, but still lacks about 20% of his monthly support. Please write me if you desire to contribute. One-time gifts are appreciated!

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