Monday, November 07, 2011

Kiwi and the weekend

Kiwi was lost again yesterday. Turns out dad moved the cloth covering, allowing him to crawl out a hole in the top of his cage. He turned up downstairs in his indoor tree plant, much to the relief of my daughter (and me too!) I'm afraid we have human-lizard attachment issues to work through.

Last Thursday evening, José let us know that his wife's mother, 82, was in critical condition, in the hospital. After visiting with her and the family on Thursday, and again on Friday morning, we received word on our way back from Pachuca that Adriana's mother had passed away.

We decided to leave our kids at Mayra's parents, and head back home in order to attend the viewing Saturday night. José asked us to take some people from the church and sing, and for me to give a sermon at the viewing, customary here in Mexico. It was a special time, with all of the deceased Nicolasa's family in attendance. About 8 of us from the church sang a couple of hymns and some gospel choruses.

One of those killer-long days...we left home around 6:30 a.m. for our 4-hour meeting in Pachuca (two hours away), and returned home after the viewing at almost midnight. But quite rewarding.

Every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. I stop by the house where we are renting with the van, take both seats out, and pack it with instruments, drums, sound system and a bunch of plastic stools. Those of you who may complain about having to sit on uncomfortable seats or pews...don't! At starting time, 10 a.m., maybe 30 people, but by the end, every one of the 60-70 plastic stools was full. After that...a beef and arrachera cook-out at Sam's house. Ahhh....

Below...most girls play with dolls, but Cathy...
Dan and Tina at Lindsey's going-away party.

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