Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

I'm experimenting with a new blog format...which gives you the ability to view the blog, and past posts and pictures, in a different way. Not sure how long we'll stick with this format...but anyway.

Last night we arrived late to the "School for Parents" Bible study because I needed to pick up the van. The little red voltage light in the van started going on and off, which usually means the alternator is going bad. So I took it to Jorge, a mechanic friend, and he checked both the battery and the alternator. Yep, I needed a new battery...and a rebuilt alternator. The battery cost over $100. The parts for the alternator, $12. The labor to totally rebuild the bearings and packing/coils...$10. So the van is good to go again for a while.

We arrived a bit late to the study, and when I came in, Iris asked me to go invite her husband Miguel to the study. I was walking down the street from the church, and an exasperated Teresa, one of the market place owners, came walking up the street towards me. "There's a man taking pictures of the fenced in area, and Ninfa wants you to go there." O.k, sure. The man had gone, but Ninfa, a lady in our church, said that he was driving a maroon sports car without any plates, and that he had turned to go towards the other side of the neighborhood. So Ninfa, Carmen and I walked that way, and sure enough, saw the man again. He got into his car, without plates, with letters on the windshield that said PRENSA, or PRESS. So...not sure if he is going to be doing us a favor by advertising our community center activities, or was taking pictures to later accuse us of taking over community property. Time will tell!

The picture below is David Gomez´s prayer card. You can find info on how to support him in this ministry to Uruguay in previous posts.

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