Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life's details

Our community center activities continued yesterday, with 12 people in ESL, 3 in dance, 18 in basketball and 2 in drum class. Attendance will increase as people realize that classes have commenced again. Thanks to Lindsey Hearst for teaching ESL two straight hours.

There are exciting things happening in Sendero 2! I'll be updating shortly. The ministry team has a meeting this morning at 11.

Tina Barham is studying Spanish in Puebla. Maggie is...surviving without her!

Thank you Antioch Church for your support of Martín! A group of 5 came down the summer of 2009 to help put a roof on the first church, Sendero 1. It rained every single day they were here, and by the end of the week, well, they were dirty! Thanks Charles, Guy, Chad, Zach and Anna-Lee.

Looking for a summer internship opportunity? Check out this link: Looks like so far, 1, maybe 2 young women that were here in August from Fremont, Nebraska will be coming back, Paige and Brenna.

Other great friends who want to come back for visits in the Spring and Summer: Hannah Galloway and Jacklyn Punt. One quick mention of Hannah, got this email two days ago: So my school has this thing called Dimensions, which is just a name for Chapel in our Gym on Tuesday's at 9:25am. All Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors, and the transfer Seniors have to attend, so basically 4/5 of campus!
All this to say...I'm speaking (today) 9/20. I'm sharing 5 min presentation about my trip to Mexico this summer!
I'm nervous and excited at the same time, if you get this pray for me! :)
I just wanted to let you know I'll be mentioning your name and CAM to about 2,000 people in the morning!

Later on, she wrote this: Thanks for the Prayers Rod! I really needed them this morning! I'm still battling illness and the only way I could stand in front of all those people was because God was holding me up!

I just finished King's Cross by Timothy Keller yesterday, and absolutely loved it. Always good to find an author that you know you'll eventually read everything he's ever written.

We now have four different churches from four different states (PA, OH, MI and AR) that want to come down this summer, with room for only two of them. We'll see which commit first!

Samuel is just finishing up illustrations for the next Nueva Vida en Cristo study, which Mark Robinson creates and edits. After that, he'll be working on a logo and banner for Corban University's missions conference.

Well, that's a rather diverse post...

Please pray for me as I preach the next three Sundays in three different churches. This Sunday, a topical message on Spiritual Authority. Oct. 2, on Revelation 5, and the following Sunday, another topical sermon on Being Faithful for the Long Haul.

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