Monday, September 26, 2011

Hanging signs, passing out flyers

We started community center activities last week, but just got around to hanging the 9 ft by 6 ft. sign. In the two hours after we did that, four new groups of people/families came and asked about events. Tomorrow, Iris and Tiffany are invading a nearby jr. hi school. I suspect our attendance from now on is going to shoot straight north.

This morning, Mayra and I took two ladies to a little town near San Martín Texmalucan, Puebla, on a rather bizarre birth certificate search. Oh, there's so much I could say, but suffice it to say that any simple administrative sort of task here can very quickly morph into a never-ending nightmare. You know, like the restless dreams you (I) have when you (I) have a 103 degree fever. Turns out in this case the records were burned by a politically-oriented arson event a few years back. The copies were...well, imperfect. There's much more I could say about this little side trip, but I wouldn't want to say it on such a public forum.

Tomorrow morning, Daniel and I will be cutting steel and leveling off a plot of land with shovels. Should be fun!

Allan has 5 students in his drums class...almost too many, he tells me.

I talked on Sunday, among other things, about why apostles don't exist today, and why the Apostol Freddy, Harry and Eduardo probably won't be written on one of the 12 layers of precious stone in the foundation of New Jerusalem (Rev. 21). Oh, a bit on prophets too. And the qualifications of biblical local church leadership. Definitely tried to talk about too much.

Here's a picture of Miguel and Iris's kids...and David Gómez. Never a dull moment here, especially on Sunday afternoons. Great to squeeze in three games of Settlers with Mayra and good friend Enrique! The Starbucks coffee and chocolate ice cream hit the spot too!

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